Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seif El Islam Addressing Libya

Boy, do lengthy, delusional speeches run in the family!

Seif El Islam, who until recently was the favourite to inherit the crown, is currently delivering a lengthy, tedious speech which I am following through Al Jazeera.

Basically he is blaming the entire situation on foreign influences, African migrant workers and on drugs and alcohol. Amazing!

He spent most of the speech addressing Libya's social and historical background and making predictions of where it is headed, if the current government is toppled. He is making the grimmest of predictions, promising tribalism will fracture Libya into multiple states. It will be worse than Yugoslavia and the division will be deeper than North/South Korea.

On the positive side, he is promising to work on a constitution and work together to create the second 'Jumahariya', or people's republic.

He is counting on the people's fear of chaos, hunger and tribalism to establish himself as the leader. Basically, he is telling the demonstrators that if they want to make gains, they must work with him.

Very self serving, don't you think?


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