Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Obama on Libya - Live

The POTUS is now addressing the world about the recent events in Libya.

Will it be another vacuus, empty speech as usual? 

We shall see!

'We condemn the violence in Libya... blah blah blah... Not only us, but even the Arabs!'

The Libyan government must be made accountable, and held accountable. This must be an international effort. HRC (which ironically, Libya is a proud member of) will be convened in Geneva and Obama is sending Hillary there.

'This is a change driven by the people...'.

Overall, not anything dramatic or substantial. The administration is maintaining its firm line of supporting the protest movements in the Middle East.

However, no mention whatsoever of Muammar Gaddafi. Not outlining the type of change that America concretely wants to see.

I hope that this means he is sending Clinton to bitchslap the Europeans who have been in bed with Gaddafi for about a decade now.

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