Sunday, February 13, 2011

New Zionist Conspiracy: Iran Accuses Mossad of Artificially Deflating Drug Prices

Asside from controlling world media, financial markets, the American congress, the president and a wide range of wild animals, apparently the Mossad is also working quite hard to ensure that Iranian drug addicts get their fix really really cheap.

Once again, I find myself extremely powerful of the Mossad! An organization that is estimated to have about 2,000 employees is able to control all the flow of contraband across the porous Iran-Afghanistan border. They are also able to keep every heroin pusher in the country on a short leash and bitchslap him if he may dare to sell at the reasonable, market price. If that's not an excellent use of the 'secret discretionary' budget of the Prime Minister's Office, I don't know what is.

This is brought via Google translate from 'PalToday':

Accused Iran's interior minister Saturday the Israeli intelligence service Mossad, forcing drug smugglers to sell these items at a discounted price in the Islamic Republic. 
Quoted by state television Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said "smuggling heroin and hashish in our country is included on the agenda of the spy agency in the Zionist regime."
He added that the information obtained by Iran indicates that the Mossad was "drug smugglers sell the five price" in Iran, adding that those who refused faced threats.
Najjar has not added any details.
Iran is facing for a long time problem of the smuggling of drugs from its eastern neighbor Afghanistan, which is a source of ninety percent of global production of opium.
And drug trafficking, a crime punishable by law to death in Iran, which carried sentences of this kind in 67 people this year, eighty percent of them after being convicted of smuggling drugs
 Sorry for the shaky translation, unfortunately my Arabic is not up to par. I had to manually replace 'Carpenter' with Najjar, the person's last name.


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