Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jenny Peto in Her Brother's Words

I know for a fact know that Jenny Peto is considered an extremely unpleasant person by those who had to deal with her.

Luckily, I never had too!

But I did, however, got quite disgusted when I saw her bulldogish appearance on every major Canadian newspaper when controversy over her aimless rant, which was somehow mistaken for a Master's thesis by UofT, erupted. 

You see, Jenny thinks that attempt of Jewish communities around the world to commemorate and educate about an event in history that saw half of their kind systematically executed, is merely a conspiracy to perpetuate the sense of 'victimhood' and monopolies plight. Not only does she trivialize the suffering of many of her direct ancestors, she had the gull to dedicate this worthless piece of trash to her deceased grandmother. Luckily, I do not need to lambaste her, her own brother did an excellent job:
It is not my desire to get involved with the details of my sister Jenny Peto’s thesis, which has recently generated tremendous controversy. There are people far more qualified than I to debate the merits of the thesis, or lack thereof. There is, however, one point that I would like to contest. My sister dedicated her thesis to our late grandmother, Jolan Peto. She asserted that if our grandmother “were alive today, she would be right there with me protesting against Israeli apartheid.”Our grandmother was the youngest teacher at the Jewish orphanage in Budapest during the Second World War. She, along with my grandfather, saved countless children from death at the hands of the Nazis. After the war, she saw firsthand the brutality and baseness of the communist regime that came into power. She, along with our grandfather and father escaped to Canada, and celebrated the day of their arrival each and every year. Freedom was not an abstract idea to her; it was alive and tangible for her.Our grandmother was a soft-spoken woman, but she had an iron will. She taught us to abhor hatred, and to strive for excellence in everything we did. She was a woman of endless patience and generosity, and boundless love. She was uncompromising in her dedication to truth and honesty, and was also an ardent supporter of the state of Israel. My sister is simply wrong; our grandmother would have been entirely opposed to her anti-Israel protests.Our grandmother had a tremendous impact on my life, and her memory continues to be a source of strength and inspiration to my family. My daughter is named after her, and we pray that she will emulate her namesake. I cannot in good conscience allow my sister to misappropriate publicly our grandmother’s memory to suit her political ideology.David Peto, Houston.
 It's a shame...

What's scary about this whole affair is that Jenny's worthless, filthy faux-cument was accepted by UofT and now Jenny could potentially become a teacher.

-QP (h/t Leon Kushner)


  1. I am filing an application to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal against UofT for promoting anti-Semitism by accepting her thesis.
    I'm doing this in her late grand mother's name who I'm sure is turning over in her grave over her disgraceful daughter.

  2. Interesting approach... I have usually viewed the OHRT with disgust in light of the Ezra Levant affair.

    I have considered a rather draconian, almost Kafkaesque establishment.

    It will be interesting to see if this body can be used to more positive ends!

    Let me know if you need any help with this process!