Monday, February 21, 2011

Insane Tweets from Libya

I was always weary of what's found on Twitter regarding any event in the world, let alone what's happening in the Middle East right now.
This tweet has to take the cake:
 Confirmed caller from Tripoli: African mercenaries are African jews trained in
Israel #Libya #Egypt #Tunisia #Algeria #feb17
Yep. This is the kind of quality news streaming out Libya via the celebrated social networks. If you didn't chuckle when reading this tweet then it's pretty much imperative that your brain leaked out of your rears, some time a go.

Sadly enough, this is not comedy, but it's really what's going on in the minds of the alternative, democratic leadership of the Arab world.

Is it possible that mercenaries were trained by Israeli former officers? Yes, there are Israeli ex-combatants that make excellent trainers. Is it possible that they were trained in Israel? Please give me a break.

That is joined by the ridiculous claim that they are African 'Jews'. Who else could be surpressing the legitimate aspirations of the peoples except for inhuman African 'Kaffirs', who are also dirty 'Jews' trained by the evil 'Zionists'.

This is democracy in the Middle East folks! blame everything on the Jooos.


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  1. I tend to think that stupid people never die, they only inbreed with themselves in order to have more stupid, ignorant and violent human-waste into this sad world.