Thursday, February 10, 2011

Updated: Apparently Mubarak to Resign Tonight

The Egyptian army came out with a statement that the 'demands of the people' are about to be met:

Egyptian television interrupted all programming to present footage of a panel of serious military officers reading out a statement they described as "communique number one" of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

"Based on the responsibility of the armed forces and its commitment to protect the people and its keenness to protect the nation... and in support of the legitimate demands of the people," the army "will continue meeting on a continuous basis to examine measures to be taken to protect the nation and its gains and the ambitions of the great Egyptian people," it said.
But the demands of the people have been fairly vague. Some of the more principled positions would require a rigorous  and lengthy process of careful reform. I doubt the army and the security establishment is about to throw in the towel.

It probably means, however, that an agreement for Mubarak's exit has been reached.

I think the regime will try to survive with as much power after Mubarak is replaced with Suleiman.

UPDATE: According to Arutz 7 (Israel) to Mubarak has announced his resignation. I have yet been able to corroborate it with another source.


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