Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Collapse of the Ghaddafi Family

It seems as though Libya is outdoing its more populous neighbours Egypt and Tunisia. The ruthlessness of Ghaddafi's regime is much more severe than anything else seen in the Middle East under the current wave of strife. The brutality of the regime is so far matched pitch for pitch by the resilience of the demonstrators.

The security forces did not seem to reluctant to open machine gun fire at crowds, including attendants of funerals of deceased demonstrators. 

This however, was insufficient to deter the demonstrators from pressing home the advantage. The city of Benghazi is reported to be in full control of the anti-regime forces and that the capital is about to fall as well.

Some of the rumours trickling down suggest that two of Ghaddafi's sons (who were the contenders for the crown rights) have entered a gun fight with each other and that Ghaddafi himself has fled for Venezuela, where he can hang out with fellow benevolent creator of a socialist paradise, Hugo Chavez.


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