Sunday, February 13, 2011

The People of Iran are Getting Ready to Reclaim the Revolution

Tomorrow morning Iran's 'Green Movement', the pro-democracy protest movement, is planning a day of action. Perhaps emboldened by the outcomes of the popular uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, Iran's vast educated middle class is fed up with the dictatorship of Khaminai, Ahmadinijad and their Seppah gangs.

Unlike my worries about an Egyptian revolution, I am fully convinced that Iran is ready to establish a consensual democracy. Despite of years of mismanagement, sanctions and oppression, Iran has a relatively good economy and a strong, affluent and educated middle class. While, I do not expect Iran to immediately become close friends of Israel, simply cutting the genocidal rhetoric and letting Iranian athletes compete against their Israeli counterparts will be a good starting point.

I believe that Iranians and Israelis actually have much more in common than they expect.

So far, there is lots of confusing information coming out of Iran. Some reports claim that shouts of Allahu Akbar (reminiscent of the Islamic Revolution and of last summer) could be heard through the night. Mehdi Keroubi has been placed under house arrest as a preemptive move by the regime, but apparently he is supposed to participate.

Some tweets point out that the Revolutionary Guard (Seppah) will refuse to confront the demonstrators. Perhaps they want to use the same strategy Egypt's ruling Junta used last week? Chop the head to satisfy the masses while increasing your own power and putting yourself in a favourable position?

This will be a strange outcome...


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