Sunday, January 23, 2011

Erekat: No Provisional State

Yesterday, it was reported that the Netanyahu government may recognize a Palestinian state at provisional borders. The provisional borders are of course the current negotiated borders between Israel and the PA during the Oslo A, B and the Wye Plantation agreement.

This morning, Chief Palestinian Lier Erekat has rebuffed any such a possibility. Of course recently rebuffed the idea of any final agreement that does not see Israel flooded with 7 million 'Palestinian Refugees'. With the same breath he accuses Israel of undermining a 'Two State' solution. 

Of course the two states the Snake is talking about are Judenrein: no Jews allowed in the West Bank or Gaza, and Judenrat: Jews will become a minority in their own homeland after it is flooded by 'refugees'.

And Israel is undermining peace, yeah right.



  1. The last thing they want is a state. Who will protect Abu Mazen from Hamas if the IDF leaves?

  2. More importantly, who is going to keep stuffing PLO pockets and take care of the needs of his people ;)