Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hizballah Coup Complete; Clashes in Lebanon Reported

Now it's official, Saad Hariri is no longer the Prime Minister of Lebanon. 

A new King has been crowned!

His name is Najib Mikati. A Sunni Muslim of course, as the Lebanese constitution requires. Mikati is a wealthy businessman who was able to acquire his fortunes by getting some 'inside tips' from the Assad Gang. That means he is going to be in the pocket of Syria and Iran.

What if he isn't? Well he should ask his wife to turn on his car for him every morning.

Meanwhile clashes in Tripoli are reported by Al-Manar. Well, Al-Manar is a Hizballah aligned network so they need to be taken with a grain of salt. But regardless, I can understand why Hariri supporters will be mad. Just a couple of years their western aligned movement was able to secure the victory of Saad Hariri in what was deemed the 'Cedar Revolution'.

Unfortunately, neither the Americans, nor the Europeans were able to provide the Hariri government the required moral and physical support. The situation became even more enshrined after Obama was elected. Israel, by now, knows better than to interfere in Lebanese politics.

In this situation of a 'Super Power Vacuum', the natural parties to move on the turf are Syria and Iran.


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