Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Air Freshener Politics

Today, the new ministers from Barak's Independence party were sworn in. The Israeli Knesset has authorized this cabinet reshuffle.

Kadima, the official opposition has refered to Barak's recent move as the 'Stinking Maneuver' (the Hebrew equivalent of a dirty trick). How did they protest it? With ideas? A coherent argument? 


Equipped with props, members of the opposition sprayed air freshener to protest the move. Perhaps they are forgetting that Kadima was formed as a sort of a dirty trick when Sharon could not convince his own party to adopt a policy that was strictly against its own mandate. One can argue that Barak's move is irresponsible to his own voters. But if so, he will pay for it in the next election!

This does not change the fact that anyone who acts in such a childish manner in his country's national Parliament, where he acts as an elected representative of the people, is making a mockery of the country's laws, its institutions and its people. The left in Israel has lost its mandate and they are currently ideologically bankrupt. Resorting to vigorous hand waving is all they are capable of.

As to Barak's move: The Old Left wing of the Labour party has been threatening to throw him out for quite some time. Barak learned from his own experience where populist social welfare promises and international policy based on appeasement can lead. So what is he accused off? Leaving his party before they get the opportunity to shamelessly throw him out?

What's next? Horns and Buzzers to turn the Knesset into a soccer stadium?

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