Monday, January 24, 2011

"PaliLeaks" Link Dump

So I haven't really been able to blog today. It would be nice if all that has happened today was a strike of Swedish postal office clerks strike.

What we are seeing today is a suicide bombing in the Moscow-Domadedova Airport, killing upwards of 35 and injuring over 100 innocent people. It is presumed that the incident is related to the ongoing conflict in the North Caucasus.

The other unignorable issue, is the leak of some 1,600 documents termed the 'Palestine Papers' or 'PaliLeaks'. These documents are all in English, are available on Al-Jazeera and the Guardian. They pertain to show the Palestinian position at the negotiating table. The spin that at least the Guardian tried to put is that 'Israel had a partner'...

Since I didn't really have a chance to blog, I will go ahead and post a bunch of links.
- Israel Matzav on speculations regarding the timing of the leak link

- Israel Matzav on the possibility that the positions were reversed in the leak, to make the Palestinians appear reasonable link

- Noah Pollak with some excellent analysis link

- Barry Rubin on why it is reasonable to assume that the documents contain some very telling fabrications link

- Jerusalem Post on Reading between the lines of PaliLeaks link

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