Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who Funds Israel's anti-Zionists?

Some of you might have heard that the Israeli Right has been pursuing the line of investigating whether the funds for domestic subversive groups are coming from Arab or terrorist linked funds. George Jonas points out, that so far the claims are fairly insubstantial. The more important question is whether it really matters, as he points out:
 What can we learn from Israel’s great Donor Hunt so far? 
Free speech costs money. Soapboxes don’t come cheap these days. Exercising advocacy rights usually requires a rich uncle — and uncles rich enough to pay the piper tend to be ornery enough to call the tune. The intricate maze of money laundering that passes for NGO funding offers few surprises, but the scandal demonstrates something else. 
Whatever pool or cesspool they dip into for money, Israel’s NGOs have flourished. They’ve mushroomed and proliferated. Paradoxically, human-rights advocacy groups always do best in societies that need them the least.
There is no shortage of rich bodies to donate hefty sums to subversive anti-Israel causes. It's been long documented that George Soros has been funding the New Israel Fund, a group which has been actively helping African migrants to sneak illegally into Israel, fostering one of the major challenges of the small country will have to face in the new decade.

I have long maintained that the intention of such funds are never to help any of the disadvantaged, but rather the subversion and deterioration of the State of Israel. Before we look for the sources of funds among out enemy, we should look for them much closer, among our 'friends'.


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