Friday, January 21, 2011

Palestinian Apartheid Week, Anyone?

While all the MSM has been closely monitoring a letter signed by a few Israeli rabbis, a letter that has no statutory standing whatsoever, the Palestinians are arresting and interrogating people for the suspicion of selling property to Jews:

Palestinian Authority security officials have detained a meat dealer on suspicion of selling land to Jews, Palestinian media outlets reported Friday. 
According to the report, the wealthy individual in question is a well-known figure and owns large swaths of land in the Bethlehem area. According to suspicions, he sold some land to Jews some 15 years ago.
The land in question was later used for building homes in Jerusalem's Gilo neighborhood.
The PA reportedly detained and interrogated the man Thursday. During hi interrogation he claimed that all the land belonged to his father, who was the one who sold it to Jews.
The suspect was released Friday afternoon.
About a week ago, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referred to the issue of land sales to Jews while slamming Palestinian complaints about Israel's east Jerusalem construction. The PM stressed that while his government allows both Jews and Arabs to engage in construction in the east of the capital without discrimination, the PA harshly punishes Arabs who sell land to Jews.
Speaking to foreign correspondents, Netanyahu noted that only 10 minutes away from the briefing there is a regime in place that sentences people who sell land to Jews to death. "How many of you reported this?" the prime minister asked the journalists during the briefing. (SOURCE: Ynet)

Yes, the Palestinian Authority has the death penalty for whoever dares to sell his property to Jews (not Israelis, not Zionists, Jews!).

It's amazing that the world demands that Israel will recognize and cede territory to a state that would practically enact Nuremberg laws.



  1. Jimmy Carters legacy of stupidity continues. There was no such term a while back. Then came a long one of the worst presidents of US - Jimmy Carter. He decided to write a book about the Israeli-Palestinian situation and has dubbed it Apartheid, absolutely ignorant as to the actual definition of Apartheid. The book was then popularized by Berkley and UCLA type professors who have brainwashed the lie into young impressionable students.

    'a lie will go round the world while truth is pulling its boots on' --- Ancient Proverb

  2. With all due respect to Mr. Carter, I believe this libelous analogy predates him.

    I wouldn't be surprized if the source of it is from the Israeli radical left