Friday, January 21, 2011

Canada Standing Firm to Criminal Threats from Iran

I previously discussed the possibility that Iran will manage to shut down free speech in Canada using threats. It appears as though the Conservative government stands for free speech in Canada after all!

The Harper government has ordered Library and Archives Canada to screen the new documentary Iranium. The post writes:

The Harper government sent a diplomatic note to Iran Wednesday, as Heritage Minister James Moore lashed out at Tehran for its part in a campaign that cancelled the screening of a movie critical of the Iranian regime at Library and Archives Canada.
On Wednesday morning, the Minister instructed Library and Archives Canada to show Iranium, a documentary critiquing Iran’s nuclear program, after it cowed to numerous threats of protest and an official request from the Iranian embassy in Canada to not present the film Tuesday night, as scheduled.
In its diplomatic note to Tehran, the government said Canada is a free country and that freedom of expression is a core value that won’t be compromised.

That's a breath of fresh air. I cannot say that I am an equivocal fan of everything the Harper government does, but thus far they have been consistently good in the international, especially vis-a-vis Iran and vis-a-vis Israel.


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