Thursday, January 20, 2011

Netanyahu: 'Significant trade' with Iraq - Israel News, Ynetnews

I found this slightly old Ynet article that I believe reflects on the real intentions of the Netanyahu government.

Pointing to what he described as "strong but unpublicized trade" between Haifa port and Iraq via Jordan, he suggested assembly points could be set up in the West Bank for some goods, which would create thousands of jobs. He did not elaborate on the nature or extent of the trade.
According to the prime minister, this would not be a substitute for a political settlement, but economic prosperity would make peace possible, as occurred in Northern Ireland.
It seems that Israel would rather build economical connections and quiet relations than expect immediate social acceptance. The intentions of Netanyahu indicate that he he honestly wants to see the Palestinians and other countries in the area prosper.

It's almost as if he sees the prosperity of the Arab world as a precondition for long term prosperity of Israel. If only Palestinian leaders cared as much as Netanyahu does for the Palestinians, perhaps things would be better?


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