Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Reason to Open the Healthcare Debate

A new MacLeans study ranks Canada dead last in healthcare in the developed world. Am I surprized? Absolutely not!

Here's a nice quote:
Ken McQueen with Maclean's tells us we always criticize our neighbours to the south, but on a global scale, Canada's healthcare system needs a booster shot. "We console ourselves in the fact that it's substantially better, fair, and more accessible than our American neighbours. But really, when you compare it to places like the Netherlands and the UK, we really don't fare all that well."
Meanwhile, Alberta Liberals 'accuse' the Tories of looking at privatized healthcare. I think any person with the capacity to do simple arithmetic and is concerned about public health is looking into privatized health care.

What do you say? Time to kill the holy cow?


h/t Paul McKeever

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