Saturday, January 22, 2011

Debka: Obama will not Veto anti-Israel UN Resolution

DebkaFILE report (currently available only in Hebrew) that Obama has decided, in deference to Sec. of State Clinton, to not Veto the upcoming UN Security Council vote on Israeli construction in the West Bank, including eastern Jerusalem.

DebkaFILE is not the most reputable source to say the least, but on occasion they seem to get fresh news before other sources. If they are indeed correct, this is going to be perhaps the dumbest thing the administration has done since taking office. Not only will it derail the peace process completely and make a negotiated settlement impossible, it will be a big blow to America's credibility with its allies.

In the same report, Debka reports that Barak performed his little maneuver in order to make sure the Netanyahu government survives in the near future. This, they claim Barak said, will give him the opportunity to take part of a possible peace process breakthrough that is currently going through secret channels.

Let's see where this all leads.


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